Unauthorized Dealer Notice
Any Marantz products that have been purchased from an UNAUTHORIZED dealer (Including, but not limited to - traditional retailer, mail order outlet, or online dealer) OR if the original factory serial number has been removed, defaced or replaced in any way WILL NOT be honored or serviced under the existing Marantz warranty policy. Marantz is aware of numerous instances in which such serial number tampering has occurred. Serial numbers may be altered by unauthorized dealers and/or their suppliers in an attempt to prevent manufacturers from tracing the supplier source. Marantz sells premium products only through authorized retail and online channels to insure that Marantz customers obtain quality pre-sale and after-sale support and service. PROTECT YOUR WARRANTY, buy from an authorized Marantz dealer or authorized on-line dealer, (if you are not sure that a dealer is authorized, please check the Dealer Locator section on our website or call us). After you have purchased any Marantz product, check the unit and its packaging to determine whether the factory serial number may have been altered. If you suspect your Marantz product has an altered serial number call Marantz America at (201) 762-6666.