Any time a knowledgeable audiophile visits the Marantz website or looks at any of its resources, they see the signature three words: "Because Music Matters." But what does it truly involve to both embody and enact that stance? And how does Marantz make it more of a philosophy? A closer looks shows that the answer is found in two key figures who are integral to the company's history.

The foundation: Saul Marantz

Saul Marantz really actualized his audio journey one day in 1945, which ultimately propelled him to becoming the brand’s founder. He removed the radio from his automobile, hoping to use the tuner indoors, but had to rework it considerably over years. The modifications eventually resulted in his first preamplifier, the Consolette.

After partnering with engineer Sidney Smith in the mid-1950s, Saul would develop the Model 7 receiver, and its successors the Model 8, 8B and 10B. These receivers are legendary to today's hi-fi designers and engineers.

Yet Saul's passion didn't only stem from mechanical tinkering. He was a skilled classical guitarist for much of his life — a close friend of Spanish guitar legend Andres Segovia, even. And Saul Marantz wanted music to sound the best it could because he loved hearing and playing it in exquisite detail.

A legacy continued: Ken Ishiwata

With the 2016 announcement of the coveted Reference 10 line, Marantz sound master Ken Ishiwata said, "I have dedicated my life to creating the most naturalistic reproduction of music, always striving for new horizons."

Sharing a likeminded vision with Saul, Ken understood the import of exquisite sound and its overall social impact for artists and the audiophile — a passion driven by technical ingenuity and a skilled ear. His 40-year tenure with Marantz has inspired everything from overall product design and aesthetics to the tagline: Because Music Matters.

He’s been at the forefront of innovation and a constant beacon to his peers. From spinning vinyl and tape decks, to CDs seizing the market in the 80s, to the advanced file formats of today, Ken’s embraced them all, ensuring that flawless sound is always reproduced if it’s coming from Marantz.

At the same time, it’s Ken’s purist devotion to analog formats that connect him most to how humans hear, knowing that digital is additive to the overall listening experience.

Marantz's mission to accommodate multiple generations of listeners with analog reproduction of digitally compressed music files alongside compatibility with classic vinyl and CD formats is also reflected in the new KI Ruby series, which Ken and his team expertly tuned to celebrate his most recent anniversary with the company.

And as the brand continues on its mission, evolving to incorporate new technologies into its products guided by the shared passions of its most influential predecessors, the inherent beauty of sonic purism will always be foremost in mind and action in everything it makes to output sound in your home.

Live out the Marantz philosophy by finding the right piece to reproduce all of your favorite entertainment for home theater and music.