Selecting the Best Cables for Your Home Audio System

When you're striving to get the best possible experience from your home audio system, every detail counts. And using quality cables to connect your hi-fi components, AV receiver and speakers makes a significant difference in the end result. Whether you prefer sticking to old-school analog connections, or want the latest and greatest in digital cables, the right audio and video connections can elevate all aspects of your entertainment.

Maximizing analog performance

Depending on the components you're working with, you can choose between various types of connections. For instance, the HD-AMP1 Digital Integrated Amplifier from Marantz provides both digital and analog inputs. Many audiophiles feel there's simply no substitute for the purity of an analog connection sending an unprocessed signal from your vinyl record player and amplifier.

Indeed, analog cables are your best option if your goal is uncompromisingly neutral playback of your music collection. Many audiophiles feel that copper makes the best conductor for this purpose, resulting in a minimal effect on tone, as opposed to silver which may cause a somewhat brighter sound. Testing out a cable like the Evergreen from AudioQuest is the best way to experience the difference that comes from copper conductor material and a connector that’s cold-welded, not soldered.

Through your experimentation, you may find you prefer the more sophisticated construction of AudioQuest’s Sydney, which features silver-plated conductors. The cable is designed to shield an audio signal from distortion with polyethylene air-tube insulation surrounding its pure, ultra-smooth copper conductor material.

Embracing the power of digital connections

Digital connections have considerably more versatility than analog, which is important if you're using your audio setup for a home theater or want to enjoy digital music as well as your collection of physical media. With its ability to handle both high-resolution video and audio, there are very good reasons why HDMI has largely replaced optical and coaxial hookups.

Bear in mind that there have been several different versions of HDMI cables over the years, with gradually improved performance and support for features like 3D video and Ethernet data connections. To take full advantage of your home theater’s possibilities, look for an up-to-date option like the AudioQuest Cinnamon. This high-speed cable with Ethernet support is made with silver-plated copper conductors to handle ultra-high definition 4K video at 60 frames per second.

Get the best results by connecting your HDMI cables to an advanced AV receiver. With support for 4K video and 3D audio, the Marantz SR8012 meets the demands of today's immersive home theater technology and is ready for the developments that lie ahead. Eight HDMI inputs and three outputs ensure that movie and music fans will be able to hook up all of their new devices with ease.

The combination of a great AV receiver or amplifier and the right cables for the job makes for reliably awesome audio experiences. Get started on building the ultimate system for your home by seeing what Marantz has to offer.