Inspire Your Passion for More Music with HEOS Connectivity

Marantz has been the true audiophile's hi-fi brand of choice for more than five decades. Our dedication to intricate quality design and craftsmanship fostered the development of receivers that immediately caught the attention of the market as far back as the mid-1950s due to their sterling sound reproduction that expressed every nuance of customers' most beloved recordings. Elements from our original flagship receiver line have become staples of modern hi-fi design for this very reason.

Yet we've also never been content to limit our brand to known quantities or rest on our laurels. Upholding the Marantz tradition of hi-fi excellence and embracing the latest ways of listening aren't mutually exclusive. The integration of HEOS compatibility into our AV receivers, ranging from the SR and NR models to the newest products in the AV separates series, offers the opportunity for a new dimension of musical discovery and appreciation.

Spreading sonic wealth around the house

With HEOS-enabled speakers in various rooms and the HEOS app on your smartphone or tablet, you can instantly hear music at the most appropriate sound quality far away from the Marantz receiver's physical location.

Perhaps one evening you and your partner are listening to an outstanding record like the newly discovered John Coltrane album Both Directions at Once. But then you're tired and ready for bed before your significant other, finding the music soothing as you nod off to sleep. HEOS multiroom playback means you hear the saxophonist's sheets of sound as clearly in the bedroom as your partner does in the den.

Uniting classic and contemporary

Listeners old and young alike appreciate the potent beauty of analog sound due to the widespread revival of vinyl. Using a HEOS-compatible receiver, Marantz's TT-15S1 Reference Series turntable and your prized set of speakers, you effectively unite tradition and innovation. This helps preserve the quality of your vinyl collection while sharing the music with family and friends in the living room, backyard or anywhere else.

Multiple streaming options

Streaming and digital file playback are undeniably the way the wind is blowing in terms of listening. But you shouldn't have to sacrifice quality for convenience. Marantz HEOS-equipped receivers and separates allow multiroom streaming of Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and other services via HEOS, AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth, so you can reduce physical music storage needs and quickly access favorites in all genres and still hear every note as intended by its artists — even if your digital library uses the highest-quality file compression methods like FLAC, ALAC and DSD.

All in all, the union of Marantz and HEOS represents another example of our commitment to our longtime slogan — because music matters.