Finding the Ideal Speaker Configuration for Your AV Receiver

Speaker configuration is a vital factor in achieving the best results from home entertainment systems. You'll get consistently great audio experiences by suiting the arrangement of your home theater speakers to the features of your AV receiver, the space you have available and your personal preferences.

The perfect match

How many speakers you need and how you'll set them up depends in large measure on the capabilities of your AV receiver and the power demands of the speakers themselves. Impedance, measured in ohms, is one key aspect that determines whether an amplifier can support the requirements of your system. In addition, a speaker's rating for power handling will give you a sense of whether it will reproduce very low or high frequencies without noticeable distortion.

Finding the right match between your AV receiver and speakers allows you to bring powerful, dynamic sound to the listening environment—creating nearly endless possibilitiesto adapt your setup to suit your tastes and lifestyle. With enough power and outputs, you can assemble a fully immersive 3D audio experience or build a multi-room system with zones capable of playing from different sources simultaneously.

Making the most of your home theater

When putting together a home theater system, the size and shape of the room plays a key role. Setting up a surround sound system involves finding the right angles and distances for speakers throughout the room. To calibrate your speakers for the area, you can either use a tape measure and sound pressure level meter to make manual adjustments or rely on an auto-calibration system.

For instance, Marantz AV receivers use Audyssey MultEQ to streamline the calibration process. Using an included microphone, this application adjusts levels and suggests the right distance to leave in between the speakers in your setup. The program recommends a crossover point, where a low frequency signal is sent to the subwoofer, and ensures the speakers are at the same volume level.

Check out the selection of AV receivers available from Marantz to find the perfect choice for your surround sound system. You'll find versatile options to form the foundation of a robust home theater.