3 Signs You Need a New AV Receiver

Sometimes we all need a change, and when it comes to selecting a new AV receiver, there's no time like the present. Upgrading your receiver brings fresh excitement into your home theater, opening up new possibilities to enjoy high-quality audio and video. Here are some good reasons to start thinking about refreshing your home audio setup.

1. You bought a 4K TV

4K ultra-high-definition televisions have brought stunning detail into living rooms with a 3840 x 2160 resolution that doubles what was previously possible with HD video. If you recently purchased a 4K TV or received one as a gift from a generous loved one, you already have a head start on taking your home theater to the next level. However, your old receiver is likely not up to the task of switching between video sources like an Ultra-HD Blu-ray player.

The HDMI chips used in older receivers can't handle 4K signals, and the devices don't include the copy protection necessary for the next generation of players. That means you'll either need to connect all video sources to the TV itself or look into an Ultra-HD-compatible receiver. Marantz's SR8012 provides 4K passthrough as well as analog-to-HDMI conversion, letting you centralize control of all your video devices.

2. Your receiver doesn't have the right connections

To make the most of any AV receiver, you need plenty of connections, and they need to be the right types to match your electronics. Plenty of HDMI inputs and outputs are a must for today's entertainment systems, but you may also want an audio return channel capable of handling the latest high-definition formats. Enhanced ARC, or eARC, is designed for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X and allows audio from multiple sources to be transferred from your TV to your receiver with a single cable connection.

3. You want to set up a wireless multi-room audio system

With wireless technology, your home theater can play music from your digital library or stream from an app, sending tunes to every area throughout your house. The SR8012 comes equipped with HEOS connectivity, which makes it easy to create a system with speakers in every room.

Marantz keeps building AV receivers to meet the demands of the most advanced home theater setups, while future-proofing the experience at the same time. If you choose the right receiver now, you’ll be set for years to come.