Bluetooth ReceiverIR Extender FeatureConnects via M-Xport
The RX101 is an elegant Bluetooth solution for a new generation of Marantz home entertainment components. Now you can add wireless reception from virtually all of your Bluetooth-enabled devices. Listen to the files you've carefully collected, not on headphones but through your main home entertainment system! And the Marantz RX101 includes an IR (infrared) receiver so you can maintain full remote control capability even when your system components are out of sight in a custom cabinet or a hidden closet!

Compact and functional, the RX101 Bluetooth Adaptor may well be the "missing link" in your home entertainment system. Just plug it into the dedicated jack on the back of selected Marantz components, "pair" it with your choice of Bluetooth devices, and you're ready to enjoy new sonic vistas.

Technically, the RX101 conforms to Bluetooth's "2.1 + EDR" specification so it has all the data transmission speed you'll require. And it sports A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) capability so it's just as comfortable with stereo as it is with mono music sources.

So what kind of devices can you use with the RX101? Just about anything that's Bluetooth-enabled – and that includes your iPhone and iTouch (as long as you've upgraded to Apple's 3.0 software).

Where can you place the RX101? Just about anywhere. It's designed for both table-top and wall mount locations so you've got maximum flexibility.

Don't forget the RX101's IR capability either. In addition to linking your Bluetooth devices to your home entertainment system, it also gives you an easy way to command that system, even if you've placed the components well away from the line-of-sight position demanded by ordinary infrared systems. The RX101 contains two IR receivers so you can mount it almost anywhere and maintain full functionality. There's even an IR on/off switch so you can use the RX101 exactly as you want to.

So join the wireless generation. But join with Marantz elegance, functionality, and sound quality. It's the best way to go.