7.1 ch -350 total wattsHDMI 4/in 1/out - 1.4a 3DSlimline Chassis
Small Receiver

The NR1601 is almost half the height of a conventional home theater receiver.  And it’s substantially smaller when measured front-to-back.  So it goes where others can’t.  On a shelf.  In a cabinet.  Wherever you need it to be.  And it's rack mountable too, with the optional RMK1501NR rack mount kit.

Powerfully Capable

Each of the NR1601’s seven amplifiers produces 50 watts of continuous power.  So you won’t run out of steam when your audio sources turn up the heat.  True to Marantz tradition, these linear amps deliver every audible detail you need to fully enjoy your home entertainment experience.

Works iPod/iPhone and More

Whether you’re into traditional sources like CDs or the newest downloads, the NR1601 lets you hear what your music really sounds like.  It connects directly to the digital outputs of your iPhone or iPod.  Plug in a USB “stick” or connect your computer and listen to your custom playlists through the most advanced digital processing circuitry available in a home entertainment device.

Make Your iPod/iPhone Sound Better

Don’t listen to sub-standard sound.  Let Marantz M-DAX2 signal processing expand your compressed audio files to supply missing high frequency information.  You’ll really appreciate the near-CD sound quality.


Ready for 3D

Even if you’re not quite ready to make the jump to 3D yet, the NR1601 is!  HDMI 1.4a connections (4 inputs, 1 output) give you the best video and audio now and 3D when you’re ready.  In the meantime, HDMI’s single-cable convenience lets you enjoy the finest picture and sound regardless of the source you’re watching or listening to.

No More Switching Display Inputs

Thanks to advanced video processing called “transcoding,” the NR1601 converts analog signals (VCR’s Camcorders, etc.) to digital signals, allowing you to use a single HDMI cable from the NR1601 to your display.

Treat Your Ears to the Latest Surround Sound Formats

Make sure you hear it all!  Whether Blu-ray soundtracks or legacy stereo sources from CD, the NR1601 lets you choose the best surround format – or straight unprocessed two-channel reproduction – to bring you everything the artists want you to hear.  Choices include Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, and Dolby Pro-Logic IIz among others.  From “2.0” to full “7.1” sound, the NR1601 immerses you in the audio experience of a lifetime.

Audyssey MultEQ Auto EQ Calibration

Hear what you should hear!  Overcome your room’s acoustic problems with Audyssey’s advanced audio processing that first analyzes your room’s sonic characteristics and then automatically corrects them for the most immediate surround sound experience you’ve ever heard.

Audyssey Dynamic EQ/Dynamic Volume

Dynamic EQ lets you enjoy enhanced dialog quality and background detail at any sound level.  You won’t lose subtle nuances or surround information even when you turn the volume low.  Dynamic Volume minimizes a commercial’s annoying volume increase and lets you change inputs without sudden level shifts.

Bluetooth Ready

Just plug in the Marantz RX101 Bluetooth Module (optional) to the NR1601’s M-Xport rear-panel jack.  Then enjoy a wireless connection – no cable needed between your phone or other portable audio device and your home entertainment system.  Select the music you want.  Listen through your system speakers.

Easy to Set Up

In this price class, a gorgeous learning, preset and backlit remote is bundled.

Configure your NR1601 just the way you like it.  Assign custom names to your sources.  Skip unused inputs.  Adjust “input trim” so all your sources play at the same level.  Use the OSD (On Screen Display) to do it all easily and quickly.


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